About International Business

Exploring International Market Opportunities

International Business is an annual non-profit project carried out by a group of twelve students attending the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and BI Norwegian Business School (BI), founded and supported by Innovation Norway since 1984.

Innovation Norway, an instrument for Norwegian Government to support innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. The IB project was initiated in 1984 by Innovation Norway with the purpose of exploring international market opportunities for Norwegian companies. Since inception, teams of 12 students are recruited annually to carry out research on different markets.

Our Mission

The main purpose of the IB project is to explore and define market opportunities for Norwegian companies in foreign countries. Our research uncovers distinctive market opportunities and seeks to develop understanding and awareness of cultural discrepancies that may occur in interactions with foreign markets and business culture.

Kazakhstan 2018/19

The project's final product will be an extensive report, which will delve into the opportunities available to Norwegian companies interested in establishing a foothold in Kazakhstan. Interviews with experts and analysis of secondary data is supplemented with on-the-ground interviews with key Kazakh companies. The report is scheduled to be distributed in first quarter of 2019. Please see the contacts page should you have any questions about the report or sponsorship opportunities.