IB's next project country is Morocco
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IB 2016/17 to Morocco

Back from Ecuador
The IB report 2015/16 is now ready

ECUADOR 2015/2016

IB 2016 directs attention to Ecuador, a country that is highly relevant for Norwegian companies. Ecuador has good incentives for international companies, encuraging authorities, and is located at a strategic point for market access to the rest of South America.

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Our main purpose is to explore and define market opportunities and threats for Norwegian companies in developing countries, with focus on sustainability.  Our research will uncover distinct market conditions and the opportunities these can offer,

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Since IB was founded by Innovation Norway in 1984, it has been financed by a wide variety of partners. Our partners also provide us with important guidance through the report. We are now looking for partners that seek sustainable growth opportunities in Ecuador.

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Our partners Ecuador 2016

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After 10 months of preliminary research, video conferences and phone calls we have finally arrived in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.
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Anita Krohn Traaseth, CEO, Innovation Norway
I am confident that International Business will contribute with valuable information and insight to Norwegian exporters, entrepreneurs and investors. This project provides useful insight by shedding a light on some of the challenges you need to overcome to accomplish healthy business cooperation, investments and trade.