IB is an annual non-profit project carried out by students.

The aim is to explore and analyze opportunities and challenges for Norwegian companies going abroad.

Our Students

The project is carried out by a group of twelve students attending NTNU, NHH and BI. The secret is extremely motivated students from a broad range of academic disciplines. Read more.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors provide us with the opportunity to provide useful market information and research for companies that are already established, and for those planning to enter the market. We appreciate our sponsors! Read more.

Our Mission

Our main purpose is to explore and define market opportunities for Norwegian companies in foreign countries. Our research will uncover distinct market conditions and the opportunities these can offer. Read more.

Read our new final report on business opportunities in Tanzania

“Tanzania represents a largely unexplored market for Norwegian companies, despite being the third fastest growing country in Africa. The vast abundance of natural resources is attracting international firms”. Read More

Statoil and International Business

Statoil recently had its fifth gas discovery off the coast of Tanzania, on December 6th 2013. During a visit to the Tanzania office the IB team learned more about the significance of these findings, and the long-term processes that are initiated. We have also heard about how it is to look for gas at more than 2300 meters deep, the manner in which Statoil creates increased opportunities for higher education in Tanzania, and how it is for Statoil to do business here. Although Statoil faces both challenges and opportunities doing business in Tanzania, their overall perception is summarized by this statement: "There's never been a better time for good ideas"

In addition to being one of our partners, Statoil is also aiding us with information in regards to the report. We thank Statoil for a successful cooperation!

For more information about the company, visit www.statoil.com.


NTNU believes that the IB project has several aspects, which qualifies for a good innovation project. In cooperation with NTNU, we will be identifying Norwegian companies who is seeking knowledge about the marked and contribute in building a network. The project has participants from several of NTNUs faculties, in addition to be an interdisciplinary project between students from NTNU, NHH and BI.

The results of our project will be announced through promotion at the university and in media. In addition to financial support, the stab for innovation will contribute with consultations and access to networks and available communication platforms.

We appreciate the support and we look forward to further collaboration. For more information about NTNU, view www.ntnu.no.




We are happy to present NorSea Group as one of IB Tanzania's influential partners

The NorSea Group is a leading provider of supply bases, logistics- and support services to the onshore- and offshore industry. Through decades of experience NorSea has developed its competence, products and services to meet with the industry s most challenging requirements for expertise, high service level and cost effective solutions.

NorSea Group and International Business

In order to be in forefront of the market, the NorSea Group is looking to expand their operations to Tanzania. Emerging oil and gas industry is an attractive topic that fits with NorSea Groups goal of international expansion. At the moment the group is at the fact-finding stage, trying to map out an immature industry where strong growth is expected.

NorSea Group expects corruption and crime to be possible obstacles for doing business in Tanzania, whereas they view early stage establishment and increased market activity in the offshore sector as a great possibility. As a critical success factor, NorSea Group is interested in finding a robust partner in their industry to cooperate with.

We thank NorSea Group for their collaboration!

For more information, view: http://www.norseagroup.com


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