IRAN 2017/18

Iran flagThe final report will delve into the opportunities available to Norwegian companies interested in establishing a foothold in Iran. Interviews with experts and analysis of secondary data is supplemented with on-the-ground interviews with key Iranian companies.  

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IraniansOur main purpose is to explore and define distinctive market opportunities for Norwegian companies in foreign countries, while seeking to develop understanding and awareness of cultural discrepancies that may occur in interactions with foreign markets and business culture.

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DNO ASA logoIB has received the generous support and guidance of many partners from various industries since being founded by Innovation Norway in 1984,

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Time flies! Our time in Morocco is over, but we are now back in Norway richer in both knowledge and culture. The last days were just as fun as the first ones. Read our last blog to learn what we've been up to!
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Anita Krohn Traaseth, CEO, Innovation Norway
I am confident that International Business will contribute with valuable information and insight to Norwegian exporters, entrepreneurs and investors. This project provides useful insight by shedding a light on some of the challenges you need to overcome to accomplish healthy business cooperation, investments and trade.